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About Mantis Pest Control Services L.L.C.

All Pest Control Services supervised by our  entomologist.

Local and Proud

We are your neighbor, and because our own home is pest free, we want the same for you! That's why we specialize in all sorts of in-home and outdoor/perimeter pest control. From fire and carpenter ants to silverfish and roaches. We want to help you become pest free in the shortest amount of time possible. We also want to treat you with the respect you deserve and that’s why we will make sure our job is done right so you don't have to pay unnecessary monthly fees. We make sure that we kill the bugs and reduce the possibility of reproduction and future pests.

Our Company
Pest Control

We are a local, family owned pest control company, taking on your pest war so you can enjoy your home.

Our Strategy
Chess Game

Our strategy is three-fold: First we properly identify the pest; next, we reduce breeding and harborage sources; and last, but not least we use the best and most technologically advanced resources at our disposal safely, and in an environmentally friendly way. 

Antique Safe

All control applications are made with the utmost customer safety in mind and both your children and pets will be safe too!

Environmentally Friendly

Out whole purpose is do the best and most efficient applications possible at the least cost to the consumer and with the greatest effectiveness.

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