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Services Offered by Mantis 

Along with our courteous and prompt customer service, our company offers sustainable pest control, free consulting and free inspections. We also add value to our services by showing you what you can do to reduce present and future pest problems. Real pest control isn't simply spraying baseboards with pesticides and walking to your doorstep with invoices! Real and effective pest control is the proper and efficient combination of source reduction, structural integrity, sanitation, and practical knowledge, as well as well as prevention. On top of this, pest control services between monthly or quarterly scheduled services will be effective or there will be no charge for these additional services to our customers! 
Tree Leaves
Sustainable Pest Control Services

Once we help eliminate the pest infestations and problems we show you how to remain pest free with little to no treatment inside your home!

Vacuum Setup
Sanitation and cleanup

Of all things, sanitation and cleaning up food and harborage sources are most important for remaining relatively pest free for life inside your home. When indicated, we use a regular old industrial vacuum cleaner to clean cockroach eggs as well as debris conducive to pest feeding, harborage and reproduction.

Free Pest Control Consulting

Every visit is a free, expert inspection and consultation. We show you how you can prevent most pest problems before they happen. Nearly all pest problems are preventable!

DIY Training

Much of what customers can do around the house or business can be done yourself. We show you what these things are so you can save money!

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